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Writing Today and Wondering about a Transplant Within

by Judy Stone-Goldman on July 6, 2015

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This little plant needs a new home. It was a gift from a friend at a tai chi class, and it needs room to put down roots and grow.

Transplanting can be hard on a plant, which must be, literally, uprooted. The earth is shaken, the solidity of the ground disturbed. Could it be a threat to survival? Perhaps. But fortunately, most plants manage to survive the insult and accept new territory.

The term “trans” is in the zeitgeist right now, with transgender individuals claiming space in the sociocultural and political landscape. But “trans-” has been an important prefix for a long time: transition, transformation, transmutation. It comes from Latin and can mean “across,” “beyond,” “through,” or “changing thoroughly” as it combines with other forms.

I am in a period of “trans” myself right now. I have a sense of being transplanted, carried through to somewhere new inside myself. Changing thoroughly. Like so many internal changes, this one comes in fits and starts, advances and regressions, one day certain and the next a question mark.

What I most want to know is, “What does this mean in my life? What changes do I make? What do I do?” I want to yank myself up from the ground and free my roots from their old space, but I don’t yet see the new territory. I am stymied by not knowing, even while I know this: knowing comes upon invitation but not demand, and the best thing to do is write. To let the ideas come that we most resist, to trust we’ll act when we are ready, and to be brave enough to change as change presents itself.

Wondering about change? This is your cue to write!

Questions for Reflection: Transplant, transition, transmute: what “trans” word speaks to you today? What do you notice about yourself when you are going through changes? How is change presenting itself to you in your life now?

Writing Prompts: “Right now I’m going through changes around ______ and I really wish I could ______” (then keep writing); “This post reminds me of when I made the transition ______” (then keep writing); “I know that I am changing thoroughly because I see myself ______” (then keep writing); “When it comes to ______, I really need to be transplanted so I can ______.”







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Carla Brooks July 6, 2015 at 9:38 am

Judy, this couldn’t have come at a better moment. It seems that most or your posts come at a perfect time in my life. My personal “trans” question is – “How do I find/make/discover/?? the next transition that is needed and calling to me while it feels like I’m still in the middle of several other transitions?” How is that for a long more-than-a-sentence! I always feel out of control when I don’t KNOW yet. Time for writing – indeed.


Judy Stone-Goldman
July 6, 2015 at 11:33 am

I really enjoy when our moments come in sync! I can tell you it is SO easy to get lost in the mental wondering and yet the most helpful thing is to get to that inner connection (through writing or whatever takes you there) and bypass that logical brain. My brain definitely goes into overtime on this topic, and my spirit really appreciates when I let go mentally and let the experience unfold. Keep in touch and let me know how your trans question is doing!


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