What Happens in a Workshop?

Reflective writing for speech-language pathologists and audiologists at Univeristy of Washington Summer Institute

Judy introduces speech-language pathologists and audiologists to reflective process

Workshops introduce you to new content and provide opportunity for application to clinical experiences. Because workshops are individualized to meet the goals and professional focus of the group, they vary in structure and content. The descriptions below are meant to give you a feel for what can happen in a workshop, but you and your group may choose a different emphasis or organization.Speech pathology audiology reflective writing workshop on balanced supervision

Judy introduces new concepts through lecture–but it’s never dull! Clinical examples and personal stories add meaning and emotion. She brings in reflective writing to help you connect the concepts to your personal experience and begin building self-awareness. It’s easy to begin reflective writing–with a short introduction and a few simple steps, you are ready to write.

Group writing University of Washington Summer Institute on Clinical Supervision

Workshop participants take time for reflection

Even within a two-hour workshop, you will have the opportunity to engage in several writing segments related to different concepts.

People commonly say how interesting and sometimes surprising it is for them to see what comes up in reflection. The emotional release and the insights that come from writing are often beneficial in and of themselves. Nevertheless, participants routinely say that they want help linking the reflections to action. Judy thus offers a variety of activities to help people develop new strategies for the communication and interaction challenges they face.

Role playing a difficult conversation

One of the most  popular activities is  role playing. Don’t worry–all activities are voluntary, and no one will make you stand up in front of the room! Perhaps you distrust role playing because you find it artificial or stressful, but Judy incorporates it in a way that is comfortable, fun, and instructive. Best of all, you get to play the client who is most challenging to you while Judy demonstrates possible communication strategies.

Judy reviews a challenging conversation with speech-language pathologist

Discussing a role play to evaluate strategies

Whether a workshop is two hours or a full day, it provides an experience that is both structured and open to surprises. You will get ample content while still having time to reflect and process what the material means to you. You will come away with a balance of insight and action plan.

Let Judy help you create the right presentation or workshop for your group. Contact her now to discuss your group’s needs and goals.