Read What People Say About Working with Judy


Judy is a knowledgeable, dynamic teacher and speaker who brings a wealth of wisdom and passion to everything she undertakes. Her graduate level counseling class at the University of Washington was invaluable for learning the” soft” skills that are so important for success in this profession. Client relationships are the bedrock for therapeutic change, and I attribute much of my success in my private practice to the counseling and client relationship skills I learned from Judy. Judy has continued to be a mentor to me throughout my career, and I have turned to her many times when I needed advice or guidance. She is truly a gift to our field.   

Linda Balsiger, MS, CCC-SLP, Owner of Bend Language and Learning in Bend, Oregon


I have been lucky enough to know Judy as a supervisor, teacher and colleague. She has a gift for asking the right questions – the ones that guide you to your own right answers. She also has the ability to inspire confidence when you need it most. I particularly appreciate her ability to dig through the drama with students or patients, and get to the heart of the matter. I remember her “take home messages” long afterwards because she doesn’t just tell – she shows! I cannot recommend her workshops strongly enough!

Kathy Nagle, CCC-SLP


Judy Stone-Goldman is a wonderful lecturer and she has a wealth of knowledge that she conveys with passion; however, perhaps more importantly, she is an outstanding example of how we can influence others with our own positive attitudes. Judy is one of the best teachers I have ever had and her influence will be with me forever.

Carla Cummings, B.S., M.Ed., President/Educator at Social STARS/Chrysalis School


Judy is a guru in our field. She is a former professor who bravely re-entered the “The Trenches” of the clinical world. Judy took over a long-term client of mine a few years ago. I had a rapport with this family over several years, but I knew this little girl would be in very capable hands. Judy is a stickler for professional accountability. She always makes sure her treatment is as functional and enjoyable as possible for her clients. Judy continues to lecture on creative writing and professional boundaries, and she is an inspiring and engaging speaker. I feel privileged to have a professional relationship with her.

Shelley Gramza, MA-SLP-CCC, Owner, Pacific Speech and Language, Inc., Seattle


Your presentation was extremely meaningful to our front/back office. The discussion on triggers and the effects they have on behavior with colleagues and patients has become a continuous dialogue at our clinic. It was also helpful for them to take part in the reflective writing exercises. After your in-service I went around to our thee offices and asked for their input, and they were all  surprised how many “issues” came up while writing – they didn’t realize things were bothering them.

Lastly, as a manager when I see an unexpected reaction to a patient encounter, it has become helpful to have a common “language” I can use with the staff members to discuss what triggers might have been activated and how interactions might be altered with the patient to get a more positive outcome.

Ruth Norwood, MM, Clinic Director, Retired Nurse


I have been blessed in my career to have had the guidance of many teachers and mentors who not only share knowledge but also inspire. I place you, Judy, in the small group of the best of my teachers…Every opportunity I have had [since my original courses with you] to attend a workshop or class or lecture you have given has just reinforced my admiration for your teaching.

Carolyn Baylor, Ph.D., Acting Assistant Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington


Judy’s ability to educate, mentor, motivate and inspire is unsurpassed. She exudes a deep passion for teaching and learning that shines through in her live presentations and thoughtful blog posts.

Kate Krings, M.S. CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist


I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from you—without a doubt, taking your counseling course has forever changed my way of thinking, not only about how to interact with clients and professionals in our field, but also within myself and all people in my life! What I admire most is not just your knowledge and expertise, but the passion, genuineness and commitment with which you share it.

G.C., Speech-Language Pathologist