Maybe you don’t have access to a workshop, or maybe you want a more private and personalized experience. If so, coaching may be just the right choice for you.

One-on-One Sessions

Judy provides one-on-one coaching to help people learn the tools of reflection and develop the groundedness they seek. Would you like help getting started with reflective writing? Do you want support in exploring particular life issues so you can find the source of imbalance and strengthen skills for staying grounded? Would you benefit from structure to make reflective practice a regular discipline? You can get this kind of help and more with one-on-one coaching. The beauty of individualized coaching sessions is just that–they are individualized to meet your needs. Sessions are by phone, by on-line messaging, or (if local) in person, with frequency and focus as best serves you.

New! ARTbundance™ Coaching now available. Learn more here.

Small-Group Sessions

Writing with a friend or select group of colleagues is a wonderful option that combines the individualization of one-on-one sessions with the energy, support, and guidance of a workshop. Judy is available to meet with groups of 2 to 8 people who wish to work on a shared topic or have a guided writing experience. Sessions can be one-time or on-going and are shaped by participants’ needs.

Judy Stone-Goldman coaching reflective practice

An afternoon of writing for a group of women

Judy Stone-Goldman coaching small group

Small-group coaching offers structure in a relaxed atmosphere