Judy Stone-Goldman, Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathologist and CounselorWelcome to Where the Personal and Professional Meet. Do you often feel stressed by the way your personal and professional lives collide? Do you find yourself drained by helping others and uncertain about what is really going on inside you? Do you wish you had more time and energy to dive inward and understand your emotions and thoughts? If so, you are not alone. Daily life, especially when we help or give to others, can create a landmine inside of us.

Maybe you’ve

  • Reacted too strongly to a client’s or friend’s comments.
  • Felt distracted by your own thoughts when with others.
  • Lain awake sleepless or had angry discussions in your mind after seeing certain people.
  • Felt blocked or confused when communicating difficult information.
  • Had your own memories or life issues pop up unexpectedly.

If so, you’re human, with a rich but unsettled internal world that is a hazard of helping and caring for others. Don’t let that internal landmine explode! Reflective practice offers you a chance to uncover the emotional and mental states that accompany helping, and to explore ways to find the internal balance that will let you feel calmer, be more present for others, and stay grounded in challenging situations.


Judy’s ability to teach, motivate and inspire is unsurpassed…”  Kate Krings, M.S.
Speech-Language Pathologist

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